President’s Message


Thank you for visiting our website. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Tracey O’Roak, and I am the Town Clerk in Kennebunkport, Maine. I have worked in municipal government since 1999 and have served the last seven years in Kennebunkport.

The mission of the Maine Town and City Clerks’ Association is to increase the proficiency of Municipal Clerks, to strengthen the quality of local government through professionalism, and to promote recognition of the importance of the office of the Municipal Clerk.

We are a strong Association with approximately 850 members that include Municipal Clerks, Deputy Clerks, and Assistant Clerks throughout the state of Maine. We have many new Clerks but also some with years of knowledge, service, and experience. If you are not a member of the Association, we encourage you to join! The opportunities and benefits are numerous.

I have been a member of the Maine Town and City Clerks’ Association since 2016. It’s been a privilege to serve on the Executive Board and various committees since 2017. In doing so, I have benefited in many ways, including education, professional development, and increased confidence. Being part of MTCCA has helped me to become a better Clerk. The relationships and friendships that I have gained over the years are priceless. I encourage you to make connections with other clerks, whether they are in a neighboring community or across the state. Supporting each other will be so important as we move through the next year. Clerks are unique in the challenges that we face, specifically due to the vast amount of knowledge our positions require. The support we can offer each other is invaluable.

There are approximately 20 working groups and committees within our Association with many dedicated municipal professionals serving. They volunteer their time to provide us with educational opportunities, to promote the profession, to keep us informed, to advocate for us, to recognize our achievements, and so much more. Please consider serving on one of our committees or working groups. You will be glad that you did.

Our website is the place for Maine Clerks to find all sorts of information of all kinds, for certification, committees, minutes of the Executive Committee meetings, and the list of mentors. It is all here at your fingertips. Please take advantage of this useful tool. Also, please know that we are always open to your comments and suggestions.

In closing, I want to thank you for entrusting me to serve as your President. I am honored to serve such an incredible and dedicated group of professionals. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime at or 967-1610.


Tracey O’Roak
Town Clerk


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