Clerk of the Year Award

Nomination Form – Clerk of the Year

If you need more information or need to confirm nominee eligibility, please call the MTCCA Office at 1-800-452-8786.

Call for Award Nominations – please see nomination forms under Links.

Established in 1991, this award is presented annually to a Municipal Clerk who is nominated by their peers, and recognizes excellence both in their contributions to their community as well as to the profession of the municipal clerk. The award is the highest honor that is bestowed upon a municipal clerk by MTCCA.

The Awards Committee, made up of the previous five (5) recipients of the Clerk of the Year award, shall solicit nominations from MTCCA members. Nominations will be submitted on the nomination form to the right. Deadline for nominations: to be submitted six (6) weeks before the Annual Meeting.

  • The Nominee must hold the title of Clerk for his/her municipality, be a certified Clerk of Maine and be a current MTCCA member.
  • The Nominee must have held the position of Clerk for at least seven (7) years, and either have lifetime certification or be working towards re-certification or lifetime certification.
  • The Nominee provides service and contribution beyond just that of the municipality in which he/she serves by active participation in the State and/or county clerks associations and demonstrates a socially responsible approach toward his/her community, and promotes the cause of good local government.
  • The Nominee is recognized as a Clerk who displays characteristics of integrity and leadership, and who has received the respect and confidence of his/her peers.
  • The Nominee has not received the Clerk of the Year Award previously. Providing additional information is encouraged but is not required.

The Committee members may make individual nominations and recommend nominees during the Committee deliberations, and prior year submissions will be considered upon reconfirmation from the original nominator, only if there are no qualified applicants. The name of the recipient shall not be disclosed before the awards ceremony which will be held during the MTCCA annual meeting.

For additional information, please contact Melissa White at MMA at 1-800-452-8786 or in the Augusta area at 623-8428.

Prior Recipients

2023 – Linda Morrell, Town of Windham
2022 – Tamara O’Donnell, Town of Cumberland
2021 – Katherine Jones – City of Portland
2020 – Shelly Crosby – Town of Orono
2019 – Michele Hughes – City of Saco
2018 – Heidi-Noel Grindle – City of Ellsworth
2017 – Patricia Gray – Town of Bar Harbor
2016 – Kim McLaughlin – Town of Old Orchard Beach
2015 – Rebecca Hapgood – Town of China
2014 – Tracey Stevens – Town of Freeport
2013 – Ruth Lyons – Town of Topsham
2012 – Patti Dubois – Waterville
2011 – Twila Lycette – Lisbon
2010 – Susan Mooney – So. Portland
2009 – Nancy G. Nichols – Presque Isle
2008 – Yvonne ’Eve’ Wilkinson – Gouldsboro
2007 – No Award Granted
2006 – Yolande “Tody” Justice – Scarborough
2005 – Lisa Goodwin – Lincoln
2004 – Deanna Hallett – Hallowell
2003 – Rhonda Stark – Skowhegan
2002 – John Myers – Buxton
2001 – Debra M. Lane – Cape Elizabeth
2000 – Kathy Montejo – Lewiston
1999 – Linda Cohen – So. Portland
1998 – No Award Granted
1997 – Linette Dostie – Waterville
1996 – Barbara Martin – Berwick
1995 – Ethelyn Marthia – Kennebunk
1994 – Marion Noble – Wells
1993 – Merton Brown – Bethel
1992 – M. Robert Barter – Boothbay Harbor
1991 – D. Brenda Caldwell – Gorham

Deputy or Assistant Clerk of the Year Award

Nomination Form – Deputy or Assistant Clerk of the Year

The purpose of the Deputy or Assistant Clerk of the Year Award is to honor and recognize a member of the Maine Town & City Clerks’ Association (MTCCA) whose work in the Clerk’s Office goes above and beyond what is required by the job title; committed to improve municipal government and their community. The award was created in 2010. Nominations will be submitted on the attached nomination form.

  • The nominee must currently be a Deputy or Assistant Municipal Clerk, with not less than five years of experience.
  • The nomination must be made by the Municipal Clerk in the community that the Deputy or Assistant is employed.
  • The nominee must also be a member in good standing of the MTCCA and has not received the award previously

Providing additional information is encouraged, but not required; for example, letters of recommendation, newspaper articles, service to the MTCCA, achievements and commitment to education. Nominees will be judged by the MTCCA Clerk of the Year Committee. If there is no qualified nominee the Committee may review the prior year’s applications for a qualified candidate. The award recipient will be announced at the association’s annual meeting. Deadline for nominations: to be submitted six (6) weeks before the Annual Meeting.

2023 – Judith Vance, Town of Windham
2022 – Angela Michie, Town of Buxton
2021 – Sarah Cross – City of Waterville
2020 – Kelly Grotton – Town of China
2019 – Elin Gould – Town of Brunswick
2018 – Diana Hill – Town of Lincoln
2017 – Linda Case – Town of Falmouth
2016 – Allison Pease – City of Lewiston
2015 – Barbara Seaver – Town of New Gloucester
2014 – Jessica Hanscombe – City of South Portland
2013 – Kelly Mercier – City of Lewiston
2012 – Joan Weeman – Buxton Deputy Clerk
2011 – No Applications Received
2010 – Jeffrey Thompson, Jr. – Old Orchard Beach Deputy Clerk

Rookie of the Year Award

Nomination Form – Rookie of the Year

This award will be given to a Town/City Clerk who has been in the profession for five years or less. The award is designed to recognize a new clerk who has done a particularly good job in a community and to encourage the clerk to stay in the profession. The clerk may have resolved a difficult problem, provided strong leadership during a crisis or brought new vitality and professionalism to a community. The clerk can be nominated by his or her peers, staff, citizens, or elected officials.

Prior Recipients

2023 – Darci Wheeler, City of Bath
2022 – Jennifer LaHaye, Town of Southwest Harbor
2021 – Melissa Stevens – Town of Thomaston
2020 – Emily Scully – City of South Portland
2019 – Chelsea Summers – Town of Hope
2018 – Angela Holmes – City of Westbrook
2017 – Toni Dyer – Town of Hancock
2016 – Amy Ouellette – Town of Madawaska
2015 – Beverly Labbe – City of Presque Isle
2014 – Shelly Crosby – Town of Lincoln
2013 – Susan Clements-Dallaire – City of Auburn
2012 – Kathy Jones – Portland City Clerk
2011 – Kathleen Butler – Hope Town Clerk
2010 – Dawn Adams – Milford Town Clerk
2009 – Betty Case – Lubec Town Clerk
2008 – Kelly Thibodeau – Saint Agatha Town Clerk
2007 – Tracey Stevens – Fairfield Town Clerk
2006 – McKenzie Clough – Tremont
2005 – April Dufoe – Kennebunkport Town Clerk
2004 – Sarah Cunningham – Windsor Town Clerk
2003 – Laura Bragg – Lebanon
2002 – Michele Bukoveckas – Sebago Town Clerk

Ethelyn Stuart Marthia Award

Ethelyn Stuart Marthia was a magnificent individual of towering character, warming humor and a soaring soul. She was a patient mentor, willingly and endlessly sharing her many talents with Municipal Clerks. Ethelyn served Clerks in numerous capacities including President and Vice President of the MTCCA and her County Association, an effective instructor for a variety of Clerk Workshops, an active committee member on numerous County, State and National committees and she was the 1995 Maine Clerk of the Year and a Lorraine M. Fleury award recipient. Ethelyn was the Town Clerk and Assistant Town Manager of Kennebunk.

To honor the memory and legacy of Ethelyn, when deemed appropriate, the President of the MTCCA may bestow the Ethelyn Stuart Marthia award (in the form of a plaque containing “The Credo of the Clerk” authored by Ethelyn) upon a deserving Clerk that has embraced many of Ethelyn’s traits and strengths during their tenure. The President shall converse with and receive consent from both the First and Second Vice President prior to issuing the award.

The award recipients will be reported to the membership in the next issue of the newsletter and at the Annual Meeting. They will also be listed on the Association’s website and the Association will maintain a permanent record of all recipients. This memorial award was established in 2010.


2023 – none awarded
2022 – Tamara O’Donnell, Town of Cumberland
2021 – Kim McLaughlin – Town of Old Orchard Beach
2020 – Jayne Farrin – City of Caribou (retired)
2019 – Lisa Goodwin – City of Bangor
2017 – Twila Lycette – Town of Lisbon
2015 – Patti Brochu – City of Old Town
2014 – Patti Dubois – Waterville City Clerk
2013 – John Myers – Town of Buxton
2011 – Kathleen Montejo – Lewiston City Clerk
2011 – Linda C. Cohen – Portland City Clerk


President’s Award

Prior Recipients:

2023 –
Karly Perry, Town of West Bath
Jacob Gran, Town of Bucksport

2022 –
Sue Cote, City of Sanford
Dwayne Young, Town of Weston

2021 –
Christine Wolfe – Town of Freeport
Patti Dubois – City of Waterville

2020 –
Kim McLaughlin – Town of Old Orchard Beach

2019 –
Shelly Crosby – Town of Orono
Tammy O’Donnell – Town of Cumberland Center

2018 –
Susan Skidgell – Towns of Mapleton, Chapman & Castle Hill

2017 –
Kathleen Montejo – City of Lewiston

2016 –
John Myers – Town of Buxton
April Dufoe – Town of Kennebunkport

2015 –
Nancy Gove, Town of  Madison
Brenda Singo, Town of Long Island
Tracey Stevens, Town of Freeport

2014 –
Lois Worcester, Kingsbury Plantation
Louise Lester, Town of Raymond
Ruth Lyons, Town of Topsham


Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form

Prior Recipients:

2023 –
none awarded

2022 –
Mary Chapman, Town of Standish

2021 –
Twila Lycette – Town of Lisbon

Lighthouse Award

Lighthouse Award Nomination Form

Prior Recipients:

2023 –
Patti Dubois, City of Waterville

2022 –
Merton Brown, Town of Kennebunk

2021 –
John Myers – Town of Buxton

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