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Presentations and handouts from past MTCCA workshops, webinars and meetings.

February 7 & 8, 2023 – Title 30A Webinar

ballots000crosby23 Clerks Full PPT Drafting articles Legal Note – Feb 2023 Final Tallies for 3-8-22 HAND TALLY 3-8-22TOWN-RSU 26 UPDATED LD 1 Legal Note – Feb 2023 Legal brochure Legal PPT Slides handout List of Legal Info Packets -Feb 2023 Petition Filing Form.20 Petition SAMPLE.20 Recall 2505 Legal Note- Oct 2022 rsu.26 countcrosby23 timelinecrosby23 Two […]

April 20 & 27, 2022 – Vital Records Webinar

01 Vital Records PPT – Patti Dubois.pdf 02 Vital Records – DAVE – Kim McLaughlin.pdf 03 Vital Records Paper Registrations – Shelly Crosby.pdf Births PPT – Kim McLaughlin Vitals 2022.pdf Corrections & Miscellaneous – Merton Brown – Vitals 2022.pdf DRVS SUBREGISTRARS.pdf FW_ New AOP form and Upcoming Vital Records Training Courses.pdf Instructions for MUNIS charge […]

September 28, 2020 – SOS Guidance Documents Overview

Attachments: COVID Checklist for ME Elections – November 2020.pdf EO 8 re Elections.pdf Early Processing Fact Sheet Inst.pdf Election Temp Site .pdf Guidance for Conducting Absentee Voting at Licensed Facilities.pdf Guidance on Election Procedures for November Election.pdf Guidance on Issuing Ballots and Absentee Voting in the Clerk’s Office.pdf Instructions re Curing Absentee Ballot Defects.pdf Memo […]